Our vision

A sustainable economy and equity for all.

Who we are

We are Claire Benson and Felicity Jones, the founders and Co-Directors of SDG Changemakers, a tech-focused, female-led, globally orientated sustainability consultancy.  


We came together in 2021 with a Vision to help create a genuinely sustainable world and equity for all by encouraging SMEs and Social Enterprises to be bold, to be heard and to be the change for how we do business.


Our Mission is to support SMEs and social entrepreneurs to realise that being sustainable is profitable. By innovating business models, products, services, and social programmes using the Sustainable Development Goals as a framework, we can tackle the global challenges.


Together, we bring over 40 years of C-suite experience in economic development, business, brand and communications strategy, and innovative resource mobilisation, including impact investment.


We believe in the power of supporting organisations to create a better, more sustainable world. Focusing on people, planet and profits - we can all help to create a sustainable future for generations to come.

Claire Benson.jpg

Claire Benson

Co-Director of
SDG Changemakers

For Claire Benson, founding SDG Changemakers was the natural response and solution to the challenges we all face. 



Felicity Jones

Co-Director of
SDG Changemakers

Felicity is passionate about connecting organisations & funders. Thinking beyond traditional funding models and relationships.


Our values


  • We support organisations who believe in the power of partnerships and collaboration to achieve change, and in actively involving those most affected by commercial decisions, in the decision making.  

  • We believe that the best organisations want those changes to be integrated into the fabric of society, and their own organisations.  


  • We support organisations who believe in the importance of understanding, tracking and communicating their impact with honesty and openness. 

  • We believe that all businesses and organisations should have access to effective, affordable and focused support to help them achieve their mission and communicate their purpose.


  • We believe that adopting a sustainable business model is essential to achieve positive social and environmental impacts locally and globally, tackling the global challenges.

Our commitments 

We are value-driven, with purpose at the core of our business.


The global pandemic has threatened to undo many of the gains on gender equality of the past 25 years. We support the UN and do our bit to shift back on course and accelerate progress.




We pledge to return at least 1% of our profits to support organisations that are beacons of these values and where our support can make a difference. 


Along with thousands of businesses we have joined the SME climate hub to show our support and commitment to our collective Net Zero journey.