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My name is Claire Benson

I'm the Founder and MD of SDG Changemakers, a boutique sustainability consultancy in NZ and the UK.

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In 1992, while I was soaking up knowledge at the University of Dundee, a spark ignited within me for sustainable development. That spark turned into a blazing passion that catapulted me across continents, from the vibrant cultures of Asia to the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand. My journey has been a whirlwind of adventure, diving into sectors like food and drink, tourism, education, business services, and economic development, each step fueled by a thirst for new experiences and impactful work.

Enter SDG Changemakers, our dynamic, boutique sustainability consultancy that's making waves from NZ to the UK. We're on a mission to empower businesses and communities to slash carbon footprints and spearhead impactful projects at the crucial intersection of food, energy, water, and health. It's about creating a ripple effect of change that spans the globe.

At the helm of SDG Changemakers, I steer our vision and strategy, recently snagging an Innovate UK grant and the Arohia Seed Grant from Callaghan Innovation. Our compass points towards groundbreaking innovation in the circular economy, focusing on sustainable food and fibre systems alongside the tourism industry.

Wearing my hat as an assessor for The University of Cambridge's sustainability courses in the UK, I'm all about injecting the latest global trends and forward-thinking into our training and mentoring. It's about empowering business leaders to forge authentic, sustainable business and governance models. Our goal? To enable humanity to thrive within the nine planetary boundaries, cultivating well-being for both people and our planet.

With roots deeply planted in farming and the rural economy, my passion for sustainable business models and innovation especially flourishes in the food and drink sector, rural economy, and tourism. It's all about championing a sustainable global food system and ensuring food security for future generations.

Originally hailing from Kirkby Lonsdale in Cumbria, UK, when I'm not immersed in sustainability, you'll find me behind the lens, capturing the world's beauty or cherishing moments with our wonderfully diverse family.


My journey is one of passion, purpose, and relentless pursuit of a sustainable future, and I'm just getting started.

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