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Navigating Governance and ESG for SMEs in New Zealand

About the Course

What You Will Learn:
  • Understanding Governance & ESG: Grasp the essentials of governance and ESG and why they are crucial for your business’s sustainability and growth.

  • Tailored Governance Frameworks: Discover governance models and structures that work best for New Zealand SMEs, backed by successful local case studies.

  • ESG Integration Strategies: Learn how to incorporate environmental and social responsibilities into your business strategy, focusing on New Zealand's unique environmental and community dynamics.

  • Effective Reporting and Transparency: Get insights into ESG reporting standards suitable for SMEs and learn how to communicate your sustainability efforts to stakeholders.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Interactive Sessions: Engage in real-time polls, discussions, and hands-on exercises tailored to the New Zealand SME context.

  • Local Case Studies: Learn from the experiences of New Zealand SMEs that have successfully implemented sustainable practices.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with other business leaders and form mentoring circles for ongoing support and collaboration.

Why Attend?
  • Stay Competitive: Understand how adopting sustainable practices can give your business a competitive edge.

  • Meet Compliance and Expectations: Get up to speed with the latest in governance and ESG compliance, crucial for business success in today’s market.

  • Customized for NZ SMEs: Benefit from content and examples specifically relevant to New Zealand’s business and environmental landscape.

Post-Workshop Benefits:

  • Access to workshop materials and resources.

  • Invitation to exclusive webinars and an online community for continued learning and support.

  • Opportunity for post-workshop consultations with our experts.

This workshop is a must-do for New Zealand SMEs looking to integrate sustainability into their business models and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving business environment.

Interested? Send us a message and take the first step towards a more sustainable and successful future!


To help you decide if this is the right workshop for you and your team, why not book a Free Sustainability Health Check.

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