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Be Climate Literate

About the Course

This workshop is specifically designed for SMEs to enhance their understanding of Climate Change and a Just Transition. The workshop explores terms regularly used and digs deep into the science to unpick the issues and provide a clear language to help with decision-making.

We dive into polarisation in communities and attempt to understand why, and look at the impact of climate change on the economy and key sectors. Finally we look at mitigation and adaptation strategies and discuss how can an SME contribute meaningfully without damaging the financial resilience of their business.

Training Modules:

Module 1: Introduction to Climate Change (60 minutes)

  • Understanding Climate Change: Definition, scope, and significance to how we live our lives.

  • Exploring the impact on the environment and our communities.

Module 2: Climate Change and the economy (45 minutes)

  • Understanding the business risks of climate change on SMEs.

  • Understanding the impact of Global and National Legistation on supply chains, market access and SMEs.

  • Assessing the impact across various business sectors and activities.

Module 3: Strategies for Carbon Reduction (45 minutes)

  • Implementing energy efficiency measures: Reducing energy consumption and emissions.

  • Sustainable transportation and logistics: Minimising carbon emissions in supply chains.

  • Waste management and recycling: Strategies to reduce carbon footprint from waste.

Module 4: Setting Carbon Reduction Goals and Action Planning (45 minutes)

  • Establishing realistic carbon reduction targets for SMEs.

  • Developing an action plan: Implementing changes and measuring progress.

  • Integrating carbon reduction strategies into business operations and culture.

Module 5: Interactive Session and Knowledge Sharing (45 minutes)

  • Group discussions and knowledge sharing on practical carbon reduction strategies.

  • Sharing success stories and challenges in implementing carbon reduction initiatives.

  • Q&A session to address specific challenges faced by SMEs in reducing their carbon footprint.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Understand Climate Change and its relevance to SMEs.

  • Identify and implement effective strategies for carbon reduction across various business activities.

  • Develop actionable plans to set and achieve carbon reduction goals within their organisations.

  • Share insights and learn from peers about successful carbon reduction initiatives in SMEs.

  • Address specific challenges and seek solutions for implementing carbon reduction strategies in their businesses.

This workshop aims to empower SMEs with the knowledge and tools necessary to measure, manage, and reduce their carbon footprints, fostering sustainability and environmental stewardship within their business operations.


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