The consumers of tomorrow, how brands need to listen to Gen Alpha

Updated: Sep 18

COP26 is all about now and how our actions today impact the future; Generation Alpha is our future, so what do Brands need to consider to be relevant to this next consumer group.

In a new report (Oct 2021) by global communications company Hotwire Global, their findings illustrate two quite startling points :

  1. Generation Alpha are opinionated,

  2. Generation Alpha has a deep sense of being fair and everyone is accepted for who they are.

Who are Generation Alpha?

Generation Alpha are children born after 2010. Researchers and popular media use the early 2010s as starting birth years and the mid-2020s as ending birth years. Generation Alpha is expected to reach two billion by 2025 and based on the fact that roughly three-quarters of all people reside in Africa and Asia, this generation is the most diverse, not only in terms of race but also experience.

What are the influences on Generation Alpha?

Being digitally savvy is a prerequisite for the younger generations. However, since COVID-19, the use and knowledge of tech has deepened with this generation equally proficient in doing their homework through Office 365, Google Classroom and Zoom, and being a preteen influencer on YouTube.

The report also revealed