Gender and climate change: acting on the gap for people and planet

Updated: Sep 18

A stylised lineup of women of various nationalities who work in the business sector.

The strong connections between Gender and Climate Change, and between Gender and Climate Action, have long been recognised. In 2019, the COP held in Madrid built on the Lima Gender Action Plan and reinforced why we must view gender and climate change together to forge effective and equitable solutions.

Climate change impacts on women and men can often differ owing to historical and current gender inequalities and multidimensional factors and can be more pronounced in developing countries and for local communities and indigenous peoples.
Presidential Proposal, COP 25, Madrid November 2019

After #COP26, where do we stand, and how can we all focus on supporting the joint strands of gender equity and climate action?

How does gender equity intersect with climate change?

A group of women campaigning for gender equality and women's rights.