COVID-19 recovery: the world’s to do list

Updated: Sep 18

What are the sustainable development goals and why should we care about them?

There are not many to-do-lists that start with the goal of eradicating global poverty and creating a better, more prosperous and more equitable future for all by 2030.

Yet, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), our global road map to this vision - which it is frankly pretty hard to argue against - are suffering from a lack of public recognition and understanding just at the point we really need everyone to get behind them.

These are the ‘peoples’ goals’, yet they remain a little out of the limelight. Their ‘brand recognition’ is not strong yet their bold vision is one that resonates with so many.

"Reaching the furthest behind first to leave no one behind"

Worse, the global COVID crisis has seen us backsliding on virtually every one of the 17 SDG areas – over 70 million people are estimated to have been pushed back into extreme poverty as a result of the pandemic (SDG1 No Poverty).