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What our clients say

SDG Changemakers are transforming the way businesses and Social Enterprises operate.


As sustainability consultants, we help organisations become economically, socially and environmentally sustainable - now and for the future. 

We are passionate about sharing knowledge and connecting organisations so that they can partner and collaborate to help achieve the UN's 17 Global Goals.


But rather than listen to us, why not hear what our clients have to say?

We already knew what we wanted to achieve, and we could see that our community health work was becoming even more important in response to COVID.

Working with SDG Changemakers helped us turn this from a set of ideas into a clear road map - including the potential for an App for information and training programmes in basic health education. It also helped us develop a new business model based on a social franchise. The Board can now help and support the CEO and team more effectively to scale and innovate.


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Going through the sustainable business planning process with SDG Changemakers helped us to clarify how and why we had already built sustainability into our business and where we could go next. 

It also helped us to understand more about how the different elements of sustainability work together - from staffing through to our supply chain of local and ethical producers.


Image by Gary J Stearman

What difference a week makes!

It honestly feels like SDG Changemakers have put magic goggles on me and helped me see so much more clearly what needs to happen! Their strategic thought, direction and practical assistance are invaluable.

We now have an SDG-aligned business plan outlining sustainable models for financing our growth through a social enterprise and impact investment as well as more traditional funding. It’s the power of the SDGs!


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I have been working on community-led conservation projects in western Kenya since 1991. In 2021 I received the Disney Global Conservation Hero Award which offered us the opportunity to dream big. 

With the support of SDG Changemakers, we have now become a global planting partner of Ecosia - one of only 35 - which will enable us to scale commercial production and planting of trees. We have set up a trading arm and developed sustainable building programmes for our unemployed youth, along with alternative livelihoods programmes across the whole county. We are even working on a programme to ensure that the carbon credits from the trees return to the community. 


Maurice and Salome Wanjala from Kipsaina Crane and Wetlands Conservation Trust, Kenya_edit

SDG Changemakers designed and delivered a workshop for our whole team in Brazil. We wanted to think creatively about how to resource our innovation and entrepreneurship hubs in some of the most marginalised communities across the country. 

The workshop provoked us to think differently. Following it, we put out a social media call to all our funders and partners asking what our priorities should be for income raised.  This helped us understand more about the opportunities to innovate for social development. 


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As a start-up business focused on sustainability, I turned to SDG Changemakers for advice on how I could succinctly communicate my story. 

They helped me understand the role and the how-to of digital marketing, completed a brand photoshoot, and explained how to communicate my story authentically, staying true to my values.  



Working at grassroots level in rural Kenya, I rarely get the chance to stop and think beyond the daily needs of the girls and women in our communities who really are 'left behind'.

Working with the SDG Changemakers team helped me identify how to make our work more understandable to funders and partners far away from the villages we work in. SDG Changemakers looked at both our charity and social enterprise and advised on how to diversify our funding from donations to investment. 


~Everlyne BW.jpg

The workshops allowed me the time and space to think about how to apply my professional communications skills to organisations I care about who have more limited resources.

I volunteer my time and skills and SDG Changemakers helped me to reflect on the challenges and the opportunities for grassroots organisations to be heard and achieve impact

The workshops also helped me to think more strategically about sustainability and innovation - for example using social franchising and revenue generating models alongside fundraising. It particularly focused my understanding of the SDGs within corporate social responsibility and core planning.


Founder and Director, SomeTime Communications, Netherlands

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