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SDG Changemakers are transforming the way SMEs and Social Enterprises do business.


As sustainability consultants, we help organisations become economically, socially and environmentally sustainable now and for the future. 

We are passionate about sharing knowledge and connecting organisations so that they can partner and collaborate to help achieve the UN's 17 Global Goals.


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We already knew what we wanted to achieve, and we could see that our community health work was becoming, if anything, even more important in response to COVID.

Working with SDG Changemakers helped us turn this from a set of ideas into a clear road map. As Chair of the Board, this has given me both confidence and meaningful milestones for our organisational growth. It also means we can help and support the CEO and team more effectively.


malmsey BW.jpg

This past year has been a very challenging time as we were responding to the demands of COVID as a trusted and continued presence in South African township communities. 

SDG Changemakers worked with sensitivity and allowed me to bring together both Board members and volunteers to help me stay focused on our resilience and opportunity to build and grow. I was encouraged and supported to be bold and to bring together those who share the vision for good health as a right for all.


george BW.jpg

Working at grassroots level in rural Kenya, I rarely get the chance to stop and think beyond the daily needs of the girls and women in our communities who really are 'left behind'.

Working with the SDG Changemakers team helped me identify how to make our work more understandable to funders and partners far away from the villages we work in. SDG Changemakers looked at both our charity and social enterprise and advised on how to diversify our funding from donations to investment. 


~Everlyne BW.jpg

Working with the SDG Changemakers team helped us to focus on our structures as well as our vision. We are certainly big on passion and mission and the workshops really helped us to communicate that more effectively. 

It also helped me personally to identify the need to form a broader UK Board, to support fundraising, communications and also offer professional advice on women's health. We now have a strong team who have all taken on that passion and commitment and we are starting to see the results for our Kenyan colleagues.


Cath Holland copy.jpg

The workshops allowed me the time and space to think about how to apply my professional communications skills to organisations I care about who have more limited resources. I volunteer my time and skills and SDG Changemakrs helped me to think about the challenges and the opportunities for grassroots organisations to be heard.


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