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Our work is
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SDG Changemakers have established a collaborative relationship with Lancaster University and the University of Cumbria. Working with multi-disciplinary teams, SDG Changemakers ensure its support to organisations is embedded in the latest sustainability thinking backed by science and in-depth research.

Think global Act local 

Our consultancy draws on best practices, forward-thinking ideas, big data and disruptive innovation to support our clients to radically re-imagine and re-engineer how we do business and design and deliver community-led sustainable development projects. Find out more about SDG Changemakers funded research below.

Our research

Understanding sustainability measurement tools


Understanding which sustainability tool is suitable for a business is crucial to benchmark and improve supply and value chain sustainability.  This ERDF funded research assesses tool and framework suitability for SEMs looking to transparently improve their performance.

Our Partners,
Funders & Awards

Lancaster University
University of Cumbria
World Benchmarking Alliance
Innovate UK
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European Union
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