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Food Security,
the foundation of the SDGs

Building equitable & sustainable food systems

Working with businesses in the food sector, SDG Changemakers can help build sustainable food systems that support resilient businesses and brands now and for the future.

From growers and small urban farmers to manufacturers and wholesalers, logistics, clean energy companies, hospitality and food & beverage retailers, SDG Changemakers work across value chains driving understanding, action and innovation for people, planet & prosperity.

We can
work with you

We work with food and drink organisations like you to identify where you are on your sustainability journey. We support culture change and product innovation with education, workshops and action plans to get from you A to D, aligned to short & long-term business goals.

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Or your
value chain

To tackle the challenge of Food Security, we need sustainable value chains. Our knowledge and expertise can help businesses along each step of the value chain, supporting Corporates to report on ESG and SMEs to be economically, socially and financially sustainable.


Creating Impact

We have worked with clients like Land and Sky Media and The Horseback Adventurer, showcasing farmer-led nature recovery to coffee producer Aktinson's leading the way on sustainability in family-owned businesses. As well as supporting the development of solar-power in the Kenyan Agri-food sector.

Food Delivery

The importance of food

Right now, we are technically producing enough food to feed the world’s entire population. Yet our global food system is broken, creating inequality, health issues and food shortages regardless of where you live.

By 2050, approximately 10 billion people will need feeding. This means we urgently need to increase food production efficiency, protect and restore our ecosystems and reduce our impact on climate change.

It is possible, and there is a road map. Talk to our team today to find out how we can support you, a key player in the food system, to create a sustainable food future.

Nature & Climate from Farm to Fork 

Is your food business climate and nature aware? Do you know how to make your organisation environmentally, socially and financially sustainable?

As a driver of climate change and biodiversity loss, the food sector plays an important role in the ongoing environmental emergency. It also has a voice that needs to be heard.


Transforming to a sustainable food system is a business imperative for everyone in the food sector. Here at SDG Changemakers, we can help you do just that, while building a strong and resilient brand.

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Be a Changemaker
Download our Guide: 10 Ten Actions to create a sustainable food business

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