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Chatting Over Coffee


Our advisers are available to help you get the most out of your subscription.

To start, book an onboarding call.

The Process

Book your onboarding call

Choose how often you want us to contact you

Choose your workshops

Book in your sustainability assessment, and start your journey

Choose a time to suit you, and we will walk you through the Plan and how to get the most out of the programme, whether you have signed up to Be Heard or Be the Change. We are here to help and guide you, so please reach out if you need additional support.

Ideally, we are in contact at least once a month, but we understand if you need more or less contact as you get started. Our goal is to help you, so we will work with you to find the best way to support you.

Part of your subscription are the workshops, so together we will work out which ones would suit you and get you all booked in.

Once you are all set up, it's time to book your Sustainability Assessment. This will take 45 minutes and is key to working out the support you'll need and what your support plan will look like. This will flex as you progress. 

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