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Our solutions

As sustainability advisors, SDG Changemakers help organisations to develop and grow with sustainability at the heart of their organisation.

Making sustainability
mainstream and affordable

Whether you are just starting your sustainability journey or already leading the way, talk to SDG Changemakers about how we can help you accelerate your progress in this decade of action. Our team of advisors understand what it takes to be a sustainable business - people, planet and prosperity.

“A purpose-driven business produces profitable solutions to the problems of people and planet, and not to profit from producing problems for people or planet.”
- Professor Colin Mayer


Our experience in sustainable development, sustainable business models, innovative product and service design,  training, tracking and reporting, data and tech enables us to offer a comprehensive service for organisations to create value and be socially, environmentally and economically sustainable.


We believe that all organisations should have access to expertise at an affordable rate to help them achieve their vision. As part of our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, we provide cost-effective solutions to transform, ignite and empower like-minded changemakers. 


We firmly believe any support we offer organisations must be effective for all stakeholders. We will only take on a project when we see that the project owner has a genuine desire to make real change and be authentic - so not a marketing and branding ploy. To be clear - Green/SDGwashing is not our thing! 


OUR Philosophy

Real innovation takes courage, and must be based in robust data and evidence-based decision making.

Explore our services

Share Knowledge with
Sustainability Workshops

Our workshops and courses are designed to inspire and engage business leaders and stakeholders with sustainability and value creation. Our team delivers on various topics which are all accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project.

Develop Sustainable Business Models

Being sustainable is not only good for society and the environment; it also makes economic sense for your organisation and your value chain. We support you to map your current situation and explore ways to adapt your business model.

Develop Action Plans
and Impact Reports

Knowing where to start can be daunting. We can work with you to determine the starting point. We can help you with your decarbonisation plan, rethink your value chain and how to communicate your impact.

Design Sustainable Products and Services

Innovating products and services to be sustainable, to be circular and supporting regenerative practices will help to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change.  Our experts can work with you from cradle to cradle. 

Our sustainable business model

To be sustainable requires a totally different approach to doing business.
From a linear to a circular economy. From profits - to people, planet and profits.
We are helping build a movement for a new economy, why not join us?

We can help you ensure sustainably focused actions adds value to your business.


We can help you redesign your products and services to tackle global challenges like climate change.

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