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BE heard

Grassroots, community-led NGOs and Social Enterprises are the drivers of global change.


For society to function, to reduce poverty and inequality, we need organisations like yours whose core purpose is to add social value and positively impact people's lives.

Reductions in donations and grant funding have led to many charities and social enterprises to question their current status and acknowledge that their organisation needs to be more financially sustainable and to be able to cut through the noise and be heard.

Globally, the social enterprise movement is bringing the worlds of traditional NGOs and businesses with purpose, closer together.  In the UK alone, there are over 100,000 social enterprises who are worth £60bn a year to the UK economy. In developing countries support for emerging entrepreneurs is seen as the driver for sustainable development, creating employment, reducing inequality and solving local social and environmental challenges.

The contributions made by this diverse sector are not always recognised, yet organisations like yours are key to delivering on our collective global commitments to create a fairer world by 2030 through achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

We know organisations - large and small, international and local, charity or social enterprise - who are delivering the most effective work can, with support, improve their financial sustainability, measure and communicate their impact, and ultimately help more people.

SDG Changemakers, a future-orientated and disruptive thinking collaborative is here to partner with you, to empower your organisation to take bold steps, be heard and be the change for all our futures.


We know that many smaller NGOs and social enterprises, especially those located in or working in developing countries, are under pressure to raise urgent funds.

Increasingly, the need to respond to the direct and indirect impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have made this an even more stark position – charities everywhere are being called on to deliver more with less resource.

We start from that reality and provide you with support direct to your leadership teams (volunteers, staff, Board members – whoever makes sense to you).

Our focus is to empower organisations that are ‘below the radar' but who are focused on achieving SDG-aligned change to unlock their potential and their competitive advantages.  

We help you make a difference, while meeting the needs of your communities, your donors and your staff and volunteers.

You are the SDG Changemakers. Our job is to help you to achieve your mission and to have the capacity to do that in the time and at the scale that your communities need and deserve.  


Through SDG Changemakers, we help organisations like yours identify the strategic and operational plans they can put into action to make sure donors and partners can find them through the noise.

We help organisations to understand the Sustainable Development Goals and how to identify your impact in relation to global, national, local and sectoral milestones for the SDGs.

We show you why they are good for securing and diversifying funding.

We help you measure the impact and communicate with purpose, however lean your financial or staff resources.

We identify what you already have and what you need to make sure you are working as effectively as possible for the communities you serve.


Partner with us and we will guide you through our Changemaker Framework.

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COMMIT – We work with you to get buy in from your Boards, donors and partners.

ACT - We help you identify which SDGs you already focus on, how they relate to funding and investment trends and how to measure them.

EMPOWER - We show you how to empower the communities you support and your staff to identify challenges and opportunities.

COLLABORATE - We show you how to identify and connect with funders and investors from individuals to corporates, from foundations to governments.

COMMUNICATE - We help you communicate your value and impact, illustrating the contributions you are already making to the SDGs, empowering you to be heard.


Working together in our workshops and projects, we help you develop workable and immediately deliverable workplans for strategic planning, for funding and for communications.

Using our professional experience and market-knowledge, the SDG Changemakers team will also reflect on your organisational positioning and provide a Board level recommendation, a RoadMap to help you achieve your short, medium and long term goals.

Our aim is to help you structure a confident, well-resourced, and evidence-based organisation which is unafraid to build strong partnerships with funders, the private sector and other NGOs, large or small.

The Decade of Action requires collaboration and willingness to take good ideas to scale. We know that the energy and entrepreneurial vision to achieve this requires lies with organisations like yours, our goal is to empower you.